2014 Jersey Junior Chess Report

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Huge increase in numbers with over 100% increase in 2014 and an average of 67 entries per event Numbers have increased substantially due to improved communication with schools and parents, a central contact list, more prizes for younger age groups and girls and quality certificates provided by Appleby for all entrants.  The tournaments are running more smoothly and the professional aspect and guidance is provided during the tournaments by FIDE arbiter Graham Mooney.

Junior Chess Event 2014 entries 2013 entries
The 3rd Ed Le Quesne Blitz Trophy 64 29
(Mont Nicolle School – Nov’ 2014)    
The 1938 Mary Jacomb Trophy 70 23
(Rouge Bouillon School – Sept’ 2014)    
The 3rd Appleby Junior Championships 95 58
(Victoria College – March 2014)    
The 3rd Primary School Lightning 39 20
(St. John’s School – February 2014)    
TOTAL for 4 over the board events 268 130

 February 2014 – We continue to try and host events at different schools around the island and with the help of Collette O’Brien who runs The St.John school chess club, St.John host their 1st event.

March 2014 –Highest number of junior entries ever, falling just short of 100 entries. Victoria College Preparatory School win the ‘Best School’ on points scored for 2nd year in a row and Appleby provide 100 T-shirts to all entrants which is a huge hit.  Appleby T-shirts are worn at subsequent events.

April 2014, 10 year old Jem Gurner plays for versus Guernsey on 1st Reserve Board in Inter-Insular

July 2014, 4 Jersey Juniors enter British Championships in Wales – A subsidy was provided by The Appleby sponsorship funds for 2014 and offered to all winners of age sections.  Jersey was well presented with 4 entrants in 3 different age sections. Joshua Moulson (scores 50% in under 8’s and wins 2 matches), Eudo Ashbrooke & Gabriel Weaver (both score in U 11’s where Eudo manages to win and draw a game and Gabriel draws 2) , William Richardson (entered U 13’s).

June 2014, Visit from FIDE President Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov – Kirsan played blitz with Jersey Chess Federation President Louis Jouault and Head of Jersey Junior Chess, Garry Forbes at Louis’ home in St. Brelades.  Kirsan also played chess against children from The Appleby Chess Academy in The Royal Square and Jersey Blitz Champion Marcin Mazurkiewicz. Great pics taken.

September 2014, Chairman of FIDE’s Chess in Schools Programme, Kevin O’Connell seminars – Seminars held on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon by Kevin O’Connell. Events well attended by chess club members and also several school teachers gave up their Friday evening and Saturday to establish the do’s and dont’s of teaching children chess.

Garry’s intention is to meet with the junior committee in the future regarding the issuing of Chess Training Titles for those contributing most to developing junior chess on the island.

October 2014, Swedish Grandmaster Tiger Hillarp-Persson Jersey schools visit and simultaneous – Tiger has beaten and drawn with some of the world’s strongest players and is a personal friend of Garry.  After a discussion with Garry at The 41st Olympiad in Tromso, Norway, the prospect of a visit to play Jersey’s finest juniors was initiated and as sandwiched in between 2 tournaments Tiger was participating in in The Isle of Man and Guernsey, flights and accommodation costs not incurred.

Using some of Appleby’s funding budget for 2014, Garry Forbes and Tiger visit 18 schools on the island and Tiger plays nearly 300 children culminating in excellent coverage on Channel Television. Tiger thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Jersey and is expected to work with Jersey’s juniors in future.

2014/2015 Chess League Season – Jem Gurner wins the Jersey 2nd Division with 12 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses.  Jem already won 2 games in 1st Division.  Eudo Ashbrooke currently leads Jersey 2nd Division with 5/5 and Will Richardson and Aditya Vanjare have both won since entering the 2nd Div.

Appleby Chess Academy – 6pm – 7.30pm on Thursday evenings during term time at Vic College

Marcin has indicated he may step down from running the Appleby Academy in September 2015. A replacement will need to be found if Marcin does step down although hoped Marcin can be persuaded to remain as Head of Appleby Chess Academy as he has done such a fantastic job.

Club members have operated on a rota basis to assist Marcin and will continue to do so during 2015.

Plans in place for 2015 – Aiming for increased participation in all events primarily by getting more schools playing chess regularly (currently 10-12 schools play regularly on the island and 4 more recently given equipment).  New junior chess clubs expected during 2015 at JCG, Grands Vaux, Mont Nicolle and FCJ and presently 88 chess sets and 6 demonstration boards available for free distribution to schools that wish to or intend to set up regular chess clubs in the near future.

Subsidy to be provided for winners of Appleby Junior Championships in in March 2015 in under 7, under 9, under 11, under 13, under 15 and under 17 to participate in a British, European or World junior event.  Winners will be announced after event in March and emails issued to those successful.

Garry looking for additional sponsor to partner Appleby, primarily to subsidise future travel for most promising juniors to compete in either British Championships, European or World Junior Events.

Intention to start Island Development Squad with select juniors from each age group to work with strongest island players and may be condition for receiving subsidy to participate for island abroad.

Provisional dates for main 4 over the board junior events in 2015 (flyer to be circulated Dec’2014)

Sun 1st March 2015 – Primary School Lightning Championships (Samares Primary School)

Sun 22nd March 2015 – The 4th Appleby Junior Chess Championships (Great Hall, Victoria College)

Sun 27th September 2015 – 1938 Mary Jacomb Trophy (Bel Royal School)

Sat or Sun 21st November 2015 – The 4th Ed Le Quesne Blitz Trophy (Jersey College for Girls)