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Olympiad – In July/August the Olympiad having been switched from Moscow was held in Chennai, India and amazing organisation by them to put on in 4 months what most countries usually have 4 years to do.

Jersey for the first time entered two teams and both faced the usual joys of an Olympiad Swiss rollercoaster to finish with an extremely credible 9 points each, the Open team losing 3-1 to Wales in round 11 while the Women finished with a convincing 3.5-0.5 win v Ghana pulled themselves up to 4th in Category E and an

exceptional debut performance. The Open team finished 133rd out of 186 teams and importantly 2 points and 33 places above Guernsey while the Women finished 122nd out of 159 teams

Individually Rachel Ruddy with 5.5/9, Lula Roberts with 4/10 and Daisy Carpenter with 3.5/7 all secured conditional WCM titles which will be granted when a rating of 1800 is achieved.

In the open Krzysztof with 5/8 lost in last round when a win would have secured the FM title direct as rating requirement of 2100 had previously been achieved.

Paul Carpenter on Board one despite playing 2 GMs / 2 IMs one of which he drew with and 3 FMs and a CM scored an exceptional 4/9 and really unlucky to not have been at 50% at any stage to secure the CM title.

Jem Gurner was as usual exceptional and scored 6.5/10 which in normal circumstances would have been a conditional FM performance but unfortunately one of these being a default meant 5.5/9 was the deemed score and the well deserved conditional CM title which will follow once Jem hits a 2000 rating which is in line with this tournament performance rating and presumably only a matter of time.

Overall results of both competitions were –

Open –

1st Uzbekistan - 19/22 (on tiebreaker)

2nd Armenia – 19/22

3rd India 2 – 18/22


1st Ukraine – 18/22 (on tiebreaker)

2nd Georgia – 18/22

3rd India – 17/22 (on tiebreaker)

A thanks to the whole squad for giving it their all and doing Jersey proud. It was a privilege to be one of the two Jersey Captains alongside GM Alonso Zapata a real opportunity to work alongside such a high profile trainer from the pre tournament training right throughout the competition and maybe Jersey will be lucky enough to have him again for the next one in Budapest 2024

Rosenbeiger Alan 2153 JCI Rp:2112

Rd. Title Name Rtg FED Rp Pts. Res Bo.
1GMZhigalko Sergei2640BLR26756,5b 01
2CMElbaruni Mohamed2053LBA21334,0b 01
3Norales Arauz Samuel2146TPE20736,5w 01
5Gilruth Peter2202USA21414,0w 11
6IMDeny Kevin2316BAR22964,0w 11
7GMCordova Emilio2539PER25636,0b 01
8IMKhader Sami2449JOR23715,5w 01
9Traore Bakary0MLI20894,5w 11
11Pornariyasombat Atippat2181THA22203,5w ½1

Belzo Krzysztof 2007 JCI Rp:2119

Rd. Title Name Rtg FED Rp Pts. Res Bo.
1GMZhigalko Andrey2580BLR24062,52w 0
2FMChahrani Ibrahim2230LBA21966,52w 0
4Liu Yeh Yang1818TPE16312,52b 1
5FMJones Richard S2373WLS21894,01b 0
6IMFarley Terry2231BAR21345,02b ½
7GMCori Jorge2496PER24997,52w 0
9FMMansour Sameer2283JOR23976,02b ½
10Olape Olubunmi2256NGR22053,51b ½
11FMPitirotjirathon Jirapak2299THA23124,52b 0

Wojciechowski Paul 2101 JCI Rp:1732

Rd. Title Name Rtg FED Rp Pts. Res Bo.
1GMTeterev Vitaly2511BLR28537,0b 03
2FMAsabri Hussein2180LBA21306,5b 03
4Bennett Alan2154WLS20493,0w 02
5Singe Philip0KEN19502,0b 12
6Del Castilho Martyn2218BAR21664,0w 03
7Palacios Efrain2184PER21691,5b ½3
9Coulibaly Abdoulaye0MLI16931,5b 12
10Ajibola Olanrewaju0NGR19374,0w 02
11Kongsee Uaychai2235THA22976,5w 03

Kahn Tito 2181 JCI Rp:1766

Rd. Title Name Rtg FED Rp Pts. Res Bo.
1Podolchenko Evgeniy2506BLR25474,5w 04
3Lin Chieh-Sheng Jason1736TPE19026,0w 13
4CMJones Iolo C2294WLS23023,5b 03
5CMMukabi John2074KEN20034,0w ½3
7FMPacheco Marco2392PER22984,0w 04
8CMSamhouri Bilal2269JOR24136,0w 03
9Alhousseyni Hasseye0MLI18563,5w ½3
10Ajibowo Olamide0NGR21616,0b 03

Mazurkiewicz Marcin 2000 JCI Rp:1790

Rd. Title Name Rtg FED Rp Pts. Res Bo.
2FMBen Naser Khalid2263LBA20674,5w 04
3Yang Ching Wei Austin1695TPE15623,5b 14
4Young Alan2009WLS20133,5w 14
5Ouma Stephen0KEN18752,5b 04
6FMCorbin Philip2151BAR19351,0b 14
8FMMalkawi Fadi2080JOR00,0b 14
9Bah Brema0MLI25347,0b 04
10Campbell Charles0NGR19614,0w ½4
11FMTeerapabpaisit Wisuwat2310THA22736,0b 04

Round 1 on 2010/09/21 at 15:00

Bo. 35 Belarus (BLR) Rtg - 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg 4:0
35.1GMZhigalko Sergei2640Rosenbeiger Alan21531-0
35.2GMZhigalko Andrey2580Belzo Krzysztof20071-0
35.3GMTeterev Vitaly2511Wojciechowski Paul21011-0
35.4Podolchenko Evgeniy2506Kahn Tito21811-0

Round 2 on 2010/09/22 at 15:00

Bo. 105 Libya(LBA) Rtg - 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg 4:0
46.1CMElbaruni Mohamed2053Rosenbeiger Alan21531-0
46.2FMChahrani Ibrahim2230Belzo Krzysztof20071-0
46.3FMAsabri Hussein2180Wojciechowski Paul21011-0
46.4FMBen Naser Khalid2263Mazurkiewicz Marcin20001-0

Round 3 on 2010/09/23 at 15:00

Bo. 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg - 131 Chinese Taipei (TPE) Rtg 3:1
60.1Rosenbeiger Alan2153Norales Arauz Samuel21460-1
60.2Belzo Krzysztof2007Liu Yeh Yang18181-0
60.3Kahn Tito2181Lin Chieh-Sheng Jason17361-0
60.4Mazurkiewicz Marcin2000Yang Ching Wei Austin16951-0

Round 4 on 2010/09/24 at 15:00

Bo. 95 Wales (WLS) Rtg - 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg 3:1
62.1FMJones Richard S2373Belzo Krzysztof20071-0
62.2Bennett Alan2154Wojciechowski Paul21011-0
62.3CMJones Iolo C2294Kahn Tito21811-0
62.4Young Alan2009Mazurkiewicz Marcin20000-1

Round 5 on 2010/09/25 at 15:00

Bo. 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg - 133 Kenya (KEN) Rtg 2½:1½
63.1Rosenbeiger Alan2153Gilruth Peter22021-0
63.2Wojciechowski Paul2101Singe Philip01-0
63.3Kahn Tito2181CMMukabi John2074½-½
63.4Mazurkiewicz Marcin2000Ouma Stephen00-1

Round 6 on 2010/09/27 at 15:00

Bo. 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg - 96 Barbados (BAR) Rtg 2½:1½
47.1Rosenbeiger Alan2153IMDenny Kevin23161-0
47.2Belzo Krzysztof2007IMFarley Terry2231½-½
47.3Wojciechowski Paul2101Del Castilho Martyn22180-1
47.4Mazurkiewicz Marcin2000FMCorbin Philip21511-0

Round 7 on 2010/09/28 at 15:00

Bo. 46 Peru (PER) Rtg - 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg 3½:½
38.1GMCordova Emilio2539Rosenbeiger Alan21531-0
38.2GMCori Jorge2496Belzo Krzysztof20071-0
38.3Palacios Efrain2184Wojciechowski Paul2101½-½
38.4FMPacheco Marco2392Kahn Tito21811-0

Round 8 on 2010/09/29 at 15:00

Bo. 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg - 79 Jordan (JOR) Rtg 1½:2½
48.1Rosenbeiger Alan2153IMKhader Sami24490-1
48.2Belzo Krzysztof2007FMMansour Sameer2283½-½
48.3Kahn Tito2181CMSamhouri Bilal22690-1
48.4Mazurkiewicz Marcin2000FMMalkawi Fadi20801-0

Round 9 on 2010/09/30 at 15:00

Bo. 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg - 145 Mali (MLI) Rtg 2½:1½
59.1Rosenbeiger Alan2153Traore Bakary01-0
59.2Wojciechowski Paul2101Coulibaly Abdoulaye01-0
59.3Kahn Tito2181Alhousseyni Hasseye0½-½
59.4Mazurkiewicz Marcin2000Bah Brema00-1

Round 10 on 2010/10/01 at 15:00

Bo. 139 Nigeria (NGR) Rtg - 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg 2½:1½
49.1Olape Olubunmi2256Belzo Krzysztof2007½-½
49.2Ajibola Olanrewaju0Wojciechowski Paul21011-0
49.3Ajibowo Olamide0Kahn Tito21811-0
49.4Campbell Charles0Marcinkiewicz Marcin2000½-½

Round 11 on 2010/09/03 at 11:00

Bo. 113 Jersey (JCI) Rtg - 139 Nigeria (NGR) Rtg 2½:1½
56.1Rosenbeiger Alan2153Pornariyasombat Atippat2181½-½
56.2Belzo Krzysztof2007FMPitirotjirathon Jirapak22990-1
56.3Wojciechowski Paul2101Kongsee Uaychai22350-1
56.4Mazurkiewicz Marcin2000FMTeerapabpaisit Wisuwat23100-1